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Eisgala Exquisit in Oberstdorf


What better way to end the year, than to experience the 2018 Olympic Champions, live in Germany! In February, Aljona Savchenko & Bruno Massot brought millions to tears, by coming from behind with a flawless performance, to write history and win gold in Peyongchang. Five weeks later, they repeated the feat and won the World title with a record breaking score. Don’t miss this opportunity to see them live in Oberstdorf on December 30th, when they will perform their Olympic program, as well as a new choreography to the live music of Laura Wright & David Whitley. Further artists include Penny Coomes & Nicholas Buckland from the UK, Adagio skaters Fiona Zaldua & Dmitry Sukhanov, Marie-Pierre Leray and more. Your host for the evening is ARD commentator Daniel Weiss TICKETS



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